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How to make quality fish pasteWholesale frozen fish paste
fish paste

Fish paste is a high quality raw material that can be used, alone or mixed with other components, to prepare different products with different flavors and textures. The wholesale price of fish paste is  2700-3100 $ for per ton.

 best fish pasta

How to make quality fish paste

Production of fish paste includes the following steps:

1- Choosing the right fish: In the production of fish paste, fish with white meat such as sardines are used more. Fish meat with a lot of bones and razors is not very suitable.

2- Cleaning: Cleaning includes separating the head, emptying the abdomen and filleting.

3- Washing: This step is done to remove blood, sarcoplasmic and denatured proteins, reduce elasticity, reduce microbial load, etc. In washing, water with low hardness and temperature below 10 ° C, which contains salt in a concentration of 0.1 to 0.3%, is used.

4- Adding additives such as sorbitol, sucrose, salt, polyphosphate as well as starch, eggs, vegetables, spices and condiments.

5- Freezing and packaging of fish paste is usually done at -35 ° C. The lower the freezing temperature, the better the quality of the produced fish paste.

Factors influencing the production of high quality fish paste are the type, amount and freshness of fish, fishing method and season, amount of ice, temperature and cooling time, and method of transportation and handling.

Fish paste determines the interval between the food produced by the mechanical washing of the ossified parts of the fish. The process used to make fish paste separates soluble proteins, enzymes, blood, and metal ions. Removing these substances from meat, which are good nutrients for microbial growth, increases the stability of fish paste. The diagrams of the different stages of the fish paste process are shown in Figure

Wholesale frozen fish paste

There is  3 types of fish paste

  •  without salt (containing 0.3% polyphosphate, 40% sorbitol, 4% sucrose, starch, eggs, vegetables and spices)
  • Fish paste is produced with salt (containing up to 2.5% salt, 0.5% sorbitol, 5% sucrose and other substances)
  • raw fish paste.

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