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Shrimp Freeze Dried

Dry freeze is a method of drying shrimp under vacuum conditions, which makes the final product lighter, more durable and healthier for the consumer. One kilogram of freeze-dried shrimp is obtained from every 8 kilos of fresh shrimp. When consumed, it absorbs water again by adding lukewarm , and like the first day, it turns fresh and can be cooked . Freezing and storage of frozen shrimp does not require refrigerated containers, which makes a significant difference in the cost of transporting this product compared to fresh and frozen shrimp.

Canned Fish

One of the most basic ways to protect your food for a long time is to can it. There are various ingredients that are sold in cans, and fish is one of the most popular products in this group. Various fish are used in the production of tuna. Our canned tuna can be 180-150 and 120 g – the number of packages and the type of cans are according to customer’s order.

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Food trade is very important because it is effective in the health of communities. Fairness and expertise are the two main pillars of trade that should be continuously active in this market. Due to this issue and access to rich God-given resources and having professional consultants in the international market, the Barfo complex has been active in the field of aquaculture processing and trade since 2018.


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