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dried anchovy export price in 2021

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Latest prices of dried anchovyOrganic dried anchovy Distributors

dried anchovy are among the tiny aquatic animals that live near the shore and shallow parts of the sea. And entrepreneurship for tens of thousands of people in the south of the country and Hormozgan province. For more information about dried anchovy export price in 2021, visit our site.

dried anchovy export price in 2021

Latest prices of dried anchovy

Latest prices of dried anchovy One of the biggest companies operating in the field of dried anchovy processing company is our company, which is currently one of the best producers and suppliers of dried anchovy in the south of the country. Our company is one of the dry anchovy processing so that our collection is known as a special reference center for buying and selling dried anchovies in Iran. Therefore, this product is delivered to the customer at a good price and the customer from Buying this product is satisfactory.Farm Our specialized dried anchovy farming in the south of the country have a specialized dried anchovy and fishing team and the most up-to-date and equipped equipment for the processing and production of dried anchovy in Iran.

Those who want to buy met fish can enter into a contract with the company and the factory to buy methane, to process the meth as soon as possible. With the onset of the autumn season, fishing for dried anchovy in Hormozgan province, where the cities of Parsian, Bandar Lengeh, Qeshm and Jask are the main fishing grounds for this small fish. dried anchovy are caught from the sea with different fishing methods. In this traditional method, two boats fish together, so besides being small, dried anchovy uses more sailors than other fishing methods.

A traditional example of this fishing method in recent years is the boats caught on shore by large tonnage groups of 12 people, and the history of this fishing goes back about 70-80 years. After fishing, the dried anchovy is brought ashore to be dried and spread mostly on the sandy and sandy beach. This is done with the cooperation of women and fishermen. This stage is one of the most grueling and fragrant stages of processing.

This little fish stays on the beach for 10 days to dry out and is exposed to direct sunlight, so it smells so bad this week that it bothers the locals; If a person goes to fish farms during the fishing season, the smell and smell of fish from miles away will disturb the witnesses. For more information about Bulk dried anchovy visit our site.

Organic dried anchovy Distributors

Organic dried anchovy Distributors Our company is one of the Organic dried anchovy Distributors and distributes this product to the market at a good and reasonable price, so you can learn more about Organic dried anchovy.

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