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Best dried anchovy traders

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High quality dried anchovy ImportFirst rate dried anchovy to Buy

Fish is a very useful food that most doctors and nutritionists recommend to eat. Fish is very useful because it contains phosphorus and omega-3, and the body needs to eat it. Visit our site for more information on dried anchovy suppliers and the best dried anchovy traders.

Best dried anchovy traders

High quality dried anchovy Import

High quality dried anchovy Import One of the families is called fish. These small fish are widely used in cooking, and the same Anchovy fish is used in the preparation of many dishes and sauces. Anchovy is caught in the south of Iran and is usually sold dry. However, canned products that are processed industrially in oil or salt water are commercially available. Moto fish is one of the surface fish species and has a small size. This fish can be caught in the waters of the Persian Gulf. After the fish is caught, the moto fish is laid out on the sand by the sea under direct sunlight and dried.

After drying, the sand is removed, the fish is completely beaten and ground. Then it is ready to use for cooking local dishes. Anchovy is found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea. And it has more than 140 species in 17 different categories. Anchovies are generally classified as oily fish. Anchovies are small, green fish with a blue reflection and a silver stripe (fin to tail) on them. When anchovies grow, they grow up to 40 cm in length. They are the main source of protein, which is one of the rich substances needed and used in the production of human feed and animal and poultry feed.

Sardines and motofish depend on the environmental conditions of the surface layers of seawater and live mainly near the coast. Water surface temperature and water surface chlorophyll are important factors in the dispersal and accumulation of these fish. These fish have a special ecological place in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea ecosystems. Tuna, lionfish, cod, horse mane, sharks, dolphins and other large aquatic animals in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea are heavily dependent on sardines and moto fish.

In some cases, this fish has a higher nutritional value than large fish and is rich in calcium and phosphorus, as it is consumed with bones like capillary fish. Sardines are high in calories due to their high fat content, and they are higher in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K than water-soluble vitamins. The flesh of this fish is slightly darker than white fish and is richer in B vitamins. 60 grams of sardines provide 400% of the vitamin B12 requirement and 20% of the total daily calcium requirement. For more information about Organic dried anchovy visit our site.

First rate dried anchovy to Buy

First rate dried anchovy to Buy First rate dried anchovy to Buy in our collection is very convenient and affordable, and we also export this product with molded packaging to all over the country and even other countries, which you can visit our site to buy.

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Barfo invite you for buy the best Shrimp Freeze Dried and Canned Fish.

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