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where to sell dried anchovy in bulk?

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Types of dried anchovyBest Quality dried anchovy Wholesalers

The most common method for processing dried shrimp is the traditional method and drying it in the sun. Dried shrimp in the south has a very tasty and tasty meat and can be used as nuts or in food, so in response to this question, you can refer to our official site to sell dried shrimp and learn how to sell this product. Become. So for more information about dried anchovy in bulk, visit our site.

where to sell dried anchovy in bulk?

Types of dried anchovy

Types of dried anchovy Southern hazelnut shrimp is a good source of choline, which affects homocysteine ​​levels, an important marker of heart disease. Dried shrimp is one of the most suitable sea foods to protect health and strengthen heart and body functions during pregnancy due to the significant amount of minerals, proteins, vitamins and omega-3s it contains. Today, weight gain has increased in society due to lifestyle and ready-to-eat foods, and maintaining the ideal weight is one of the most important issues of the day. Fortunately, high-protein foods like shrimp will help you achieve this.

Research shows that protein affects different hormonal pathways of appetite and can therefore help you lose weight. There is evidence that choline from foods like shrimp is beneficial for cognitive function. While research is limited, choline in southern shrimp is being evaluated for stroke patients in the treatment of dementia and nerve damage. Dried shrimp is best used in Vietnamese cuisine, in soups, rice or as a unique snack. The Chinese offer dried shrimp as a delicacy along with other seafood. In Indonesia dried shrimp is known as “shrimp rice”, here dried shrimp is prepared in rice, salad and milk with various vegetables in healthy or powder form and is very popular among the people of this country.

In other Asian countries, dried shrimp is widely used in dishes such as salads, soups and condiments. It was used primarily along the coast and in the food of coastal ethnic minorities. Flavored dried shrimps are used in various seasonings and vegetables along with special spices. The price of dried shrimp and the sale of dried shrimp depend on many factors. Most important are the size of the shrimp, the degree of dryness, and the purity of the product (which also means what percentage of the dried shrimp head or skin remains). And in what season of the year and in which province it was caught.

Of the three southern shrimp provinces, Bushehr dried shrimp has the best shape and taste. Of course, Hormozgan juices have a larger production volume and a percentage is similar to Bushehr dried shrimp. Currently, the processing of such products mostly depends on the taste of the domestic market and the taste of foreign buyers. What methods did beachgoers use to preserve seafood, including shrimp, in ancient times? Here is one of the methods currently used and is to boil small and below average sea shrimp in salt water. It is then dried under direct sunlight or in special machines (industrial method) and sold in domestic markets, or dried shrimp are exported to the Persian Gulf countries. For more information about dried fish sale visit our website.

Best Quality dried anchovy Wholesalers

Best Quality dried anchovy Wholesalers Our collection is one of the Best Quality dried anchovy Wholesalers and delivers this product to the customer at a good price. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about dried fish wholesale.

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