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What is a freeze-dried shrimp?The wholesale price of freeze-dried shrimp
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the production of freeze-dried shrimp is one of the ancient methods for using aquatic animals in all seasons. In this method, the surplus consumption in the fishing season was kept as profitable salt in certain places. All over the world, shrimp and other aquatic animals are dried in two ways

Freeze-dried shrimp

  • Using the sun: In this method, the shrimps are exposed to the sun after cooking and are regularly turned upside down to dry completely. The advantages of this method are cheapness, availability, no need for special equipment, but its disadvantages require a long time of several days for complete drying of shrimp, which increases the risk of contamination and rot. Shrimp produced in This method has a sharper odor than the second method.
  •  Using dryers: In this method, cooked shrimps are placed in the machine and dry shrimp are produced with less time and away from environmental pollution. Disadvantages of this type include excessive dryness of shrimp, high overhead costs, and non-consumable shrimp for foods that need fresh shrimp to prepare.

dried shrimp

In the process of producing dried shrimp, there are commonalities in both methods
These include the use of small shrimp sizes, the absence of shrimp before drying (which can lead to contamination and odor in the final product), and traditional production in workshops without sanitary permits.
But is there another way to consume shrimp dried that does not have the disadvantages of these two methods? Yes, freeze-dried shrimp

  • What is a freeze-dried shrimp?

Today, there is a new way to produce dried shrimp that hasn’t almost of the aforementioned disadvantages. The production of frozen shrimp is inspired by traditional methods as well as the use of modern technologies

Freeze-free is a method that uses special machines to remove shrimp’s water in two stages of a vacuum. This act causes to preserving the nutritional value of shrimp and increases its shelf life from a few days to 25 years. As you know, moisture in food collects bacteria and viruses who speeds up the process of spoilage. By removing the interstitial water of shrimps this process stoped. The shrimp obtained in this method do not require freezing in -18 degrees temperature for storage and transportation, which reduces transportation costs significantly.

On average, form every 8 kg of fresh shrimp, one kilogram of high-quality freeze-dried shrimp is obtained. The shrimp used in this process are PUD shrimps(peeled undeveined) type, and the usual sizes of this method are:

  • 71/90
  • 61/70
  • 51/60
  • 41/50

For consumption, all you have to do is take the shrimp out of the package and put them in lukewarm water for 3 to 5 minutes. Now the miracle that you are waiting for is happening. It’s available to you just as easily

freeze-dried shrimp


  • The wholesale price of freeze-dried shrimp

    Wholesale of freeze-dried shrimp, like all seafood products, have different prices that depend on the quantity demanded, size and customized packaging of customers. For the end-user consumer, the product is packaged in cans or envelopes of one or two pounds, but the bulk is sold in kilograms. There are between 45 and 220 shrimps in the per pound of this product. Wholesale prices of products range from $ 110 to $ 120 per kilogram.
    We are the second manufacturer of freeze-dried shrimp in the Middle East, and due to the cheap and easy access to the suitable raw materials and labor, we can offer you this marketable product at competitive prices.
    Our effort is to produce excellent products in terms of health and quality at the fairest price. If you are a trader or manufacturer of this product, you can contact us to find out about our company’s services through email or social media.

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