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dried anchovy wholesale prices for exporting

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dried anchovy for ExportsWhat is the price of dried anchovy?

dried fish is one of the fishing products in the south of Iran, which is produced on a large scale. This fish is shaped like a dried fish with special processes and fish powder is prepared from this dried fish, which is widely used in various industries. For more information about dried anchovy wholesale prices, visit our site.

dried anchovy wholesale prices for exporting

dried anchovy for Exports

dried anchovy for Exports dried fish is one of the fish in the southern seas of Iran. This fish lives in shallow areas, mostly near the shores, which is why it is known to many people in these areas. Meth fish is usually caught in spring, and its consumption method is always special, because the people of Iran have been drying it for a long time. Today, technology has been able to produce different products of meth fish with the knowledge of the same traditional methods. Fish powder and dried fish are among these products that have both diverse applications and high nutritional value. Meth fish is produced in the coastal strip of southern Iran and in areas such as Jask, Bandar Lengeh, Qeshm and Parsian.

This product is also an export commodity that after processing is exported to various countries including Russia,China, Indonesia, India and the countries of the Persian Gulf and European countries. Meth fish is one of the special species of fish that its production is widespread in Iran. Iran is a land of four seasons and different products are produced in every corner of it. This large land is one of the best countries in the world in the field of fisheries and seafood. Iran is connected to the lake and the sea from the north and south, and this has made the lives of the people of the north and south of Iran largely dependent on the sea and fishing. Iranians have been familiar with fish and its fishing methods and uses for thousands of years, and today, due to the knowledge of the nutritional value of fish, its production is common in many parts of Iran, and produces a variety of fish, including meth fish in Iran. Be. Meth fish, or dried fish meth, is a product from which various products are produced for human and animal consumption.

The first and most important use of this fish is its use in fish meal factories. In these factories, dried fish is converted into fish powder, this powder, due to its high protein and excellent nutritional value, has an effect on the better growth of animals and is used to produce livestock and poultry feed. The most widely used fish meal is in the production of chicken grain, and it makes up about 12% of each kilogram of chicken grain. Meth fish meal is also very suitable for agricultural fertilizers because it is more enriched than animal manures, and contains elements such as nitrogen, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and sulfur. Dried fish is also used for human consumption, and its powder can be used as a flavor and extract for a variety of foods. In the past, delicious foods were prepared from this powder by the natives of these areas, such as Mahyaveh and Bala Mahi. Meth fish is known as a source of protein. For this reason, dried meth fish is widely used for the production of cosmetics. For more information about dried fish exporters, visit our site.

What is the price of dried anchovy?

What is the price of dried anchovy? Due to the fluctuations in the market, its price is not known, but you can visit our site for more information about the price of this product and dried anchovy in bulk, and be informed of the final price of this product.

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