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The best quality of Organic dried shrimp Supply of Dried Sea Shrimp at reasonable price

The quality of dried shrimp depends on the type of shrimp, how it is dried and packaged. In today’s markets, where it is possible to access a variety of products at various prices, dried shrimp is one of the main uses of edible shrimp, which can be stored for a long time and the taste of shrimp is preserved unchanged. Experience dried shrimp with the best quality and the fastest delivery time with us.

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The best quality of Organic dried shrimp


The bests are always the result of the most effort, time and expense, which obviously does not happen by accident. Iranian dried shrimp is arguably one of the best examples available in the international market. This product has a clear and up-to-date production process, which makes this choice easy and reliable for customers. Iranian dried shrimp is produced using sea shrimp without adding any chemicals or preservatives. Sea salt is the only substance used in the production process, which in addition to flavoring dried shrimp, makes its shelf life more stable. One of the biggest advantages of Iranian dried shrimp is the lack of antibiotics and the use of sea shrimp, and this has made Iranian dried shrimp known as an organic product and NOT GMO (non-transgenic).

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 Supply of Dried Sea Shrimp at reasonable price

In the discussion of dried shrimp, in addition to the quality of the product, due to the existence of home workshops for its preparation, there is also a concern about the health and hygiene of the dried shrimp produced. This product has traditionally been used by the natives and residents of southern Iran for a long time, and its production history goes back to ancient times when storage systems did not yet exist in its current form. Salting and drying is the oldest method of storing all kinds of meat in the world.

But today’s consumer market is less responsive due to the special tastes of the old methods. The amount of production has always been effective in the discussion of pricing. Less production will lead to higher prices. There are very few factories that can mass-produce dried shrimp in Iran, and due to the strictures of production in Iran, few people are willing to enter this market. Meanwhile, the few people who do this export most of their products.

Dried sea shrimp, which is often produced from  Jinga shrimp tops and small sizes, although it may seem small (shrimps shrink by 25-50% after drying, due to water loss). It is) but it has a unique and wonderful taste. Reasonable price is the result of buying bulk shrimp and considering low profit margins to have more sales are the features of factory dried shrimp produced in Barfo collection.


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Barfo invite you for buy the best Shrimp Freeze Dried and Canned Fish.

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