Best Dried Shrimp Organic trader

The quality of dried shrimp depends on the type of shrimp, how it is dried and packaged. In today’s markets, where it is possible to access a variety of products at various prices, dried shrimp is one of the main uses of edible shrimp, which can be stored for a long time and the taste […]

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fish paste

Quality Fish Paste Wholesale Price

Fish paste is a high quality raw material that can be used, alone or mixed with other components, to prepare different products with different flavors and textures. The wholesale price of fish paste is  2700-3100 $ for per ton. How to make quality fish paste Production of fish paste includes the following steps: 1- Choosing […]

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Best Organic Dried Shrimp Price

Getting information on the types of organic dried shrimp will help you choose the best species and the most appropriate price. Dried shrimp with peel and head  is the cheapest and dried shrimp without veins and skin The most expensive type of dried shrimp. Notable cases about Dried shrimp Dried Jinga shrimp is one of […]

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Quality Dried Shrimp Supplier

which factors set the quality of dried shrimps؟ What is the largest supplier of dried shrimp in the Middle East? Where can you buy bulk dried shrimp with the best quality and price? In this article we try to answer these questions, please join us AS you Know, Dried shrimp are rich in vitamin B12, […]

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dried fish & shrimp

Wholesale dried fish and shrimp

Today Shrimp and fish are sold with packing and bulking. Wholesale of these products is one of the most profitable and popular businesses in the world. Dried fish and shrimp are raw valuable materials for some other products. We produce these products with the best and highest international standards with high quantity. Drying is one […]

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